Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rosie's Diner, Leeds.

On the back of my most recent post, here's another foodie review!

I'm at home, in Leeds, for the week which means catching up with friends and a lot of doing absolutely nothing really! Last night me and my mum went for food with a family friend. Hoping to go for a All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, we discovered out local buffet had actually been closed down (WHAT), so we decided to go to Rosie's Diner, a couple doors down. Rosie's is quite a popular eatery in Leeds, with its fully decked out 1950's themed restaurant and bar situated right next to a very popular nightclub Control which makes it a common stop for those looking to pre-drink somewhere without having to walk far from the main destination!

I have visited Rosie's once before, and I wasn't that impressed with the food. But in all fairness, the joint had just opened up and were still getting to grips with what worked and what didn't. What I fell in love with was the interior.

Retro booths, padded red leather seating and those metal tables with the rounded edges, complete with a small selection of 1950s pop culture memorabilia adoring the walls and an actual american school bus which acts as the focal point of the whole restaurant but is usually reserved for tables with children. They also have a pool table and jukebox. It all looks very authentic. 

As for the menu, you'd find your typical American favourites - a selection of burgers, steaks and an all day American breakfast. I, having already had a Nandos earlier in the day (whoops) wanted something small to nibble on while my mum chattered away with Tina. So I opted for nachos with the extra option of pulled pork. But small it was not! 

I cannot deny they were so so so yummy, but I ended up leaving half the dish because it was SOOOO large - I'll admit I ordered from the sharers section, dishes designed for sharing, but I still believe that this is too big for two people! I was so stuffed. 

I also ordered a oreo milkshake which came to me in a cute little milk bottle, with a huge pile of whipped cream on top. Went down perfectly after my poor attempt at the nachos, definitely refreshing. 

Verdict: All in all, I wish I handed been to Nandos for lunch! Then maybe I would have been able to finish off my dish. The atmosphere was nice and chilled out, with a range of 50's and 60's tunes playing in keeping with the retro theme and aesthetic. I do feel it was quite highly priced - the milkshake coming in at £4.95. I would go again, for third time, I have yet to test out the desserts!!

Overall rating - ***

leanne x

Friday, 4 September 2015

Dough Kitchen, NQ

A couple of weeks ago my mum came to visit me in Manchester and took me for pizza at Dough Kitchen, somewhere I've been raving about and wanting to go for ages.
Dough Kitchen is an Italian restaurant situated in the Northern Quarter on High Street, and everyone who knows me knows I pretty much live in NQ - its such a bustling, lively area of the city with the coolest bars and restaurants, and the best place for vintage and boutique clothing. It is heaven! 

Dough wasn't short on the choice of pizza, pasta and other 'nibbles'.  But having known already what I came here for, I drove straight into the pizza menu. I was torn between the Sticky BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork and a feast of a pizza combining two of my favourite foods named the The Breakfast *heart eyes* 
Playing it safe, I went for the Sticky BBQ Chicken (I'm a wuss at trying new things in new places). And my mum went for the Goats Cheese. 
The pizza was about the same diametre as a normal dinner plate - the perfect portion - and all homemade to order on the premise I knew it was going to be a delicious joy. 

I love anything smothered in BBQ sauce
The meal was amazing. I was so full I couldn't even finish the pizza off. I did have a nosey at the dessert menu, but was so stuffed I couldn't concentrate. 

Verdict: YES I WILL BE COMING BACK. I have to take flatmates here, for an alternative to Dominos, one night. Nicely priced for someone with a student budget. Lovely waiting staff and very stylish interior. Overall - so yummy. 

Overall rating: ****

Keep an eye out for some more of my foodie posts. As well as fashion and design, I want to incorporate some of the stuff I do outside uni and things I do in my spare time with family and friends. I may even do some home cooking posts - I've been experimenting with homemade soups recently and so far have made two very successful veg soups. Delish and 'clean' way of using up any vegetables you have lying about that need using up asap!

leanne x

Back from Hiatus!

Hey! So I'm back after a short summer hiatus - it's getting back to that time of early wintery mornings trudging my way to uni after a "break" (does moving house and working count as a summer break? I think not).

 I'll be 100% honest, I cannot wait to go back to uni, to get stuck into my second year head first: researching, drawing, designing, making, styling, the stress! So excited. Second Year is going to be so much more full on than First Year, and this time around I don't have as many personal set backs (tip for freshers - do not go to uni with a boyfriend, just saying), so I'm going into second year with a clean slate ✌

Anyway, as I promised in my last post - that seemed so long ago! - I thought I'd show you all what I've been up to this summer in regards to my summer project assigned to me from my course leaders. The project title is "Generic", and the aim is to extensively research three 'generic' garments, vintage or other wise and document the findings. Sounds simple right? Wrong. First of, attempting to define what a 'generic' garment is was so open to interpretation that I found myself actually Googling the term "generic garments" which brought up various Pinterest boards which I found didn't really help as this was work that already existed. But I took inspiration from these boards and started my own and started scouring Pinterest. If you're interested, this is said "Generic Project" Pinterest board. The collection of images I started to gather acted as a springboard into beginning my project. I looked at Denim jackets first of all - inspired by my own vintage Levi's denim jacket that I live in - but decided that this was way to popular, I feel many people would choose to research a denim jacket. It's too generic! Delving deeper and deeper into Pinterest I stumbled across an image of a Varsity jacket, which eventually snowballed into a lot of images of varsity jackets, as well as military and authority uniforms (if you do observe my board, you'll notice a slight American theme). At this point I had ideas for my three garments and started looking where I could actually purchase them.

Long story short I purchased:

A vintage mint condition American varsity jacket. ♥

And some extra boring (dad) cargo shorts. 
A vintage American security shirt (this has a really cool embroidered patch on the right sleeve)

And so, I began my research. Starting with drawings and illustrations. So far, I only have begun looking at the shorts and the varsity jacket.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'd have seen my progress with my varsity jacket. Like I said, I have begun research into the shorts too, but I've been focusing a lot on the jacket as its just so beautiful! And it has provided me with a lot to work with. But theres a lot more to come!!

I have loads planned; such as collages, styling shoots, samples, mock ups and even maybe some design work. So stay tuned!

leanne x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

i'm wide awake, i'm not sleeping

Sorry I've abandoned my blog a little bit. But I finished uni for the summer a few weeks ago and I've just been working and relaxing. Last week I got given a summer project to do, which I will explain the details in the next post as it's an exciting one (for someone like me, who loves old people clothes and cutting things up!), that should keep me busy until September. leanne x

Monday, 11 May 2015

a flower in a gun, a bird in flight.

on location around campus shooting my final project outcome! the denim jacket I've had since I was 16, my uncle gave me it as a hand-me-down. it's starting to look worn and even has a huge rip in the back that I've temporarily fixed with safety pins. so punk.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

i've got adam trask on my back

So in love with this skirt. Bought it from Remake Remodel, one of the resident stalls in Afflecks. I definitely ave a thing for pink right now! leanne x

Thursday, 30 April 2015

that joke isn't funny anymore

Student loan means only one thing - spending! I had a nosey on over at and found this lovvveerrrly pink dress from Motelrocks with a tie up back, perfect for the sunny weather. Here I've paired it up with my vintage came jacket and new flatforms both also from Ark (The camo I bought from ark a few summers ago and love cracking it out around this time of year). 
Keep an eye out for more of my ootd posts - I have loads of new stuff I can't wait to style and show you all! 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

On my travels today.
Vintage leather jacket - Blue Rinse Leeds
polka dot shirt - Vintage
Denim circle skirt - American Apparel

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Furs and Skins

For my current project "Sensing the City" I'm working with leather. And yesterday GH Leathers visited uni selling off cuts of fur and leather for discounted prices. I bought 5 pieces - 4 pieces of leather in different colours and a loooovvvveely grey rabbit fur that all came up to £25. I plan on using the pieces for sampling and hopefully making my final product. 

You can all follow my Instagram for quick updates of my progress for during this project! leanneyyyyy

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

is it really so strange

New Purchases

This week swampy students finally getting their loans in meaning only one thing, time to spend!
In typical fashion, me and my friends went to Afflecks Palace in Manchester. For anyone who has never been to Afflecks, it is basically a huge building with a bunch of independent boutiques, vintage shops, jewellery stalls, fancy dress and everything cute and quirky you can think of. It's a mecca for the weird and wonderful.
In one of the boutiques, Huk, I found the most awesome necklaces, knitted and knotted in bright greens, pinks and yellows, adorned with other dangly bits and sparkles. I went for this knotted multi layered chain. Big statement jewellery isn't usually my thing - I like subtle pieces in silver or gold. But this caught my eye, and thought it would look amazing layered on top of a plain high neck crop or any sort of casual t-shirt for a dressed down look.
You can see why I was so drawn to it in the first place - look at the colours!

I found it interesting to find thread weaved through the chain, gave me a lot of ideas of my own for updating pieces I have lying around at home. So quirky and different!
Yesterday out in the sun I styled it with my super old grey Topshop T-shirt dress for a dressed down look. 
On the day, I also picked up this super adorable plunge bra from Ann Summers. I had a fitting, as I haven't bought a new bra in forever, and found out I'm now a 36E rather than a DD! The bra is super comfy and fits me so well, and gives me a lot of extra confidence. The sales assistant, Abbey, was so helpful and made me feel so at ease in her care as she measured me up and helped me find a new bra. She was lovely! 

All in all, I had a super lovely day in town with my friends pottering about doing some girly shopping!

leanne x 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Thick skin and an elastic heart

So it's finally getting warm enough for me to ditch the tights and swap them for frilly and fun socks! 

Dress - loving youth label @ Topshop 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Manchester School Of Art Year 1 and 2 Fashion Show 2015

Again, this is a long over due post, a personal review of my year's end of project fashion show.
The show was to showcase the work produced as an outcome from our most recent Realisation project (which I wrote about previously in my final styling photos). The show took place in our exhibition space in the Benzi building of the Manchester Art School on the 3rd of March.
Prior to the show, we spent one or two days preparing the models and their looks - the idea was to create a capsule collection where garments were styled with other peoples work. The result was fresh,   exciting and straight from the young creative minds of Manchester based fashion students.

Naturally - my work was included in the show! My dress was styled over patch work boho-esque dress by Polly Davis. I was so proud to see both our dresses being run down the catwalk, was so exciting and gave me a taste of things to come. Hopefully more of my work will be going down a catwalk some day! Photo credit for my look goes to Aly Henshall.

Here are a few of my own shots of my favourite looks by my peers from the show. 

The night was such a success, and everyone had worked so hard to get it to run smoothly. 
I can't wait for future shows! 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


On the way back in to manchester today I quickly stopped off in Urban Outiftters to indulge in a new pair of shades - given this out of character sunny weather! 
For me, the bigger the better when it comes to sunglasses. I have quite a round face - so any small frames just look odd on me. 
For the past few years I've been taking on a Janis Joplin vibe for summer with extra large circle glasses, usually with  rose-tinted lenses. This year I thought I'd keep it retro with a pair of cateye shapes sunglasses - I feel these really suit me, better than the "John Lennons", and go with my grungy/50s aesthetic. I love the gold detail too! Definitely will be sporting these all summer. 🌞

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Realisation Photoshoot.

This post is long over due! Better late then never!
This term saw the most stressful project I've ever had to take on - Realisation. The brief was to combine the work of an "outsider artist", with a sub-culture. I chose to look at the work of Martin Ramirez and combined his use of repetitive lines with the outrageous aesthetic of the New 

Here are the final photos of the outcome of this project - in my garment I attempted to include as many receptive elements I could think of, especially repetitive lines. This can be seen in the skirt itself and the multicoloured stripe fabric I chose to work with, as well as the excessive use of ruffles on the neckline (a New Romantics twist there), which I embroidered black curved patterns onto white  silk chiffon. I'm very proud of my work, this is the very first garment I have made independently that actually fits a model perfectly!

In the shoot, I wanted to demonstrate the fullness of the skirt, so I asked my first-time model Natalie to twirl for me a million times. I used the burst feature on my iPhone to capture every frame. 
The styling I kept minimal - hair out of the face so that the neckline could be seen clearly, and little make-up to not distract from the busy, colourful skirt. Against a dark background allowed for the repetitive features of my garment to really stand out - to me it looks as if my dress is floating!
Overall, I was very pleased with the outcome of my project and my shoot. I have many improvements to make and mistakes to make sure I don't repeat in the future, but for my first ever garment at Degree level I couldn't be happier!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

only heaven i'll be sent to, is when I'm alone with you

coat - charity shop//bournemouth

So I finally made it home for Easter after a long and stressful term. 
Chuffed that I can now relax for a week or two!

leanne x

Savage Beauty @ the V&A - 17th March.

As a leaving present from my old job in Leeds, my wonderful boss bought me two tickets for Savage Beauty - a retrospective exhibition of Alexander McQueen's work. I was so privileged and lucky to have had the opportunity to firstly spend the day in London, and secondly experience McQueen's work first hand - and that is exactly what is was, an experience.

 Me and my friend Dani left for London around lunch time, packed lunches and fully charged phones at the ready, leaving Manchester Piccadilly in first class on Virgin Trains (we'd somehow been bumped up to first class. We weren't complaining!), and sat back and relaxed for three hours of extra leg room, free wifi and complimentary food and drinks for the entire duration of the journey.

The tomato soup and bread roll were to die for. 
We took advantage of the free food, and took everything we were offered. Which ended up saving us spending money in London for lunch!

We arrived in London Euston around 14:00, our time slot at the V&A wasn't until 15:00, so we slowly made our way to South Kensington via the tube. This was very exciting for me, as I'd never been o the tube before, and I'm so glad I'd chosen Dani to come with me as she knows London very well being a Southerner!

Upon arriving at the V&A, I was blown away by the majestic beauty of the building itself. I've never seen anything like it! We'd arrived early, so we had a strut around the rest of the museum before queuing for Savage Beauty. 

The permanent collections at the museum were very interesting, definitely right up my street - historic artefacts from different cultures and parts of the world including Renaissance Italy and ancient China. I particularly enjoyed the British History of Fashion collection, showcasing pieces from throughout fashion history. 

I loved these historic dresses. Top 1910s. Bottom, 1700s. 

Here's quite an unclear snap of me from the day. I was wearing a vintage dogtooth swing jacket my mum bought me from a charity shop in Bournemouth, my cord circle skirt from Urban Outfitters and my long sleeved roll neck jumper again a gift from my mum, which she got from Matalan. I also had on my vintage leather belt, which you can't see from the image. I wanted to be comfortable for the journey to and from London, yet remaining at a standard set for London and McQueen - so I went for mostly black. 

The exhibition itself had me gob-smacked. It was eery, and hauntingly intimidating definitely a direct representation of McQueen as a designer and his work. I found it extremely successful. The feeling of just witnessing the garments in person were enough to leave anyone speechless. Even when not strutting down the catwalk, they had the ability to shock and keep you questioning the conformity of what is beauty and the ideal female form. McQueen broke these boundaries, and made it seem possible to wear extremely low cut trousers, or a dress that was made from horsehair. We weren't allowed to take photos, but I took some on the sly - I just had to! 

I managed to snap the armadillo dress worn by Lady Gaga in her music video for Bad Romance. I was so starstruck - by a dress! McQueen and Gaga's relationship before his death in 2011 was an iconic one, Gaga was and is continuously inspired by his work. 

The day was a full and busy one, if I were to describe everything Dani and I got up to on our travels I'd be here for days. Stomping about London just confirmed my dreams of living it up in the capital at some point in my life, it's so beautiful. 

leanne x 

Friday, 3 April 2015

how soon is now

Pink crop top - Topshop, vintage kilt - Urban Outiftters.

This is my ootd from a week ago at my leather workshop at uni. 
This skirt I bought last summer from Urban Outiftters - I have an obsession with tartan skirts! This one is in typical kilt style with a button fastening on the side where the fabric overlaps its self and pleats on the back. I pair it with my pink rib crop top from Topshop, I used to shy away from pink but recently its all I look out for!

the street